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CFG Tekken 7 20170627

  • 21 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Tekken 7
  • 2017年 June月 27日 8:00 PM EDT
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Donatos Tekken Tuesday 6/27/2017
7:30 Reg time
8:15 reg time ends!
8:30 Tourne Start time!

$2 entry
Seeding based on past results.

Double Elim
Best 2/3 games, 3/5 rounds.
Finals 3/5
Random Stage on game 1.
Games past game 1 - Winner Stays Character.
Loser may change character and/or random select the stage again.


冠军: DARealTenno
有价值对手: Hezitation
下次再说: Noize


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